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Find A Property

When you send us a property we like we'll buy it together

Send us lots of properties which you like within your Unmortgage budget. Unlike Shared Ownership and Help to Buy schemes, you can choose from any property on the market and there are no complicated eligibility criteria. You can get your budget here.

When we find one which makes a good investment for us, we will buy it together. You must buy at least 5% of the property and we buy the rest: this means you can own part of a property worth £500,000 with a deposit of just £25,000.

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Grow Your Stake

The more you buy, the less rent you pay

You pay rent on the part you don't own. Your rent is fixed at market rate when you first buy the property. So if you put in 5%, you'll only pay 95% of the rent that your home would achieve on the open market.

You can grow your stake by setting up regular monthly overpayments or you can make a one off payment at any time. This is great if your income is dependent on commission or if you are awarded a one off bonus. The price you pay will be determined by the market value of your home, as set by an independent surveyor who will complete regular valuations. The greater your stake, the less rent you will pay each month.

Love Your Home

Its yours. No more landlords. No more estate agents.

We invest in your home; we are not your landlord. This means no more rules about picture hooks, painting or pets.

All we ask is that you talk to us before carrying out structural work, because this has the potential to impact the value of the property.

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Unmortgage gives you more choices compared to buying and renting

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